KidSIM has four simulation labs and a variety of mannequin types and sizes available for booking. Many of our mannequins can also be booked for use in-situ. To book a mannequin or lab, please contact info@KidSIM.ca

KidSIM Center, Room C4-200
Alberta Children’s Hospital
2888 Shaganappi Trail, NW. 
Calgary, AB. T3B 6A8

Hours of Operation: 0700-1630 Monday-Friday (evening and weekend access is available upon request)

Facility Accessibility: The Alberta Children’s Hospital and KidSIM Center are fully wheelchair accessible.

Simulation Space: The KidSIM Center is a 3,600 square foot facility and is the largest pediatric simulation facility in Canada.

Sim Rooms: Four simulation suites, each equipped with it’s own separate control room. The wall between labs 3 and 4 can also be raised for large scale scenarios or large groups.

Debrief Rooms: Two debriefing rooms, fully equipped with an audio-visual learning management system to view live or recorded sessions. The dividing wall can be elevated to create one large teaching space that accommodates up to 25 individuals.

Simulators:  High Fidelity mannequins
Adult SimMan 3G 
Sim Juniors – 2 
Gaumard Child – 3
Toddler – 3 
Gaumard Infant – 2 
Laerdal Infant – 2 

Trainers: The following equipment are to be booked and used within the lab setting only.
Adult intubation heads
Pediatric intubation heads
Infant intubation heads
Gaumard premie Annie trainer
Cricothyroidotomy trainer
Lumbar Puncture infant trainers - 2
Chest Tube Trainer
CPR Laerdal Adult trainers
CPR Laerdal Infant trainers
ECLS trainer 

Equipment: The following equipment are for use within the lab setting ONLY to replicate real environments without using equipment from the hospital.
IV pumps
Syringe pumps
Crash carts
Medication carts
Airway carts
Rhythm generators
Bear hugger warmer
Isolation Carts

Examples of disposable/re-usable medical supplies:
Functional headwalls for medical gases<
Functional headwalls for suction
IV Fluid Warmer
Workstations on Wheels

AV System: 
The Center is fully integrated with the BLine learning management system and each of the teaching spaces in the KidSIM Center is outfitted with an advanced multimedia system to be able to enhance the education experience and offers the possibility of video recording and live viewing for both research and quality assurance purposes. Telehealth capability is also available in the two debriefing rooms.

Mobile AV Unit: 
The KidSIM Program offers the ability to record high quality audio and video in-situ or off-site with the Mobile BLine Sim Capture Unit.

Contact Information: info@kidsim.ca