aspireIn 2011, the KidSIM-ASPIRE Simulation Research Program was conceived to address the pressing need for assessment and evaluation of simulation-based education and interventions in life-saving care for children. The mission of the KidSIM-ASPIRE program: “Assessing Simulation in Pediatrics: Improving Resuscitation Education” is to facilitate high-quality simulation-based research through single and multi-center studies to inform healthcare providers and families of best practices which will optimize patient outcomes. 

To support and build this vision our team participated in a research retreat to discuss key “research pillars”, or areas of research.  For each research pillar, specific aims, along with short and long-term goals were identified to help guide future research in each of these areas.  The team identified 6 key research pillars: 1. CPR and Cardiac Arrest; 2. Team Training; 3. Family Centered Care; 4. Debriefing; 5. Technology in the Resuscitation Room and 6. Interprofessional Training.