The breadth of the KidSIM Program in the delivery of interprofessional simulation-based training to both healthcare providers and the families that care for these children at home, as well as programs designed to help deliver that education in the providers local environment, allow the KidSIM Program to deliver the health care education that is in alignment with both the mission and strategic directions of both AHS and ACH.

We believe in an education program that is focused on the individual needs of the areas of pediatric health delivery, including sustaining a very effective mobile simulation program to the regional and rural centres of Southern Alberta. In this way, we are building a program that is accessible to all providers in our catchment area. Our track record demonstrates alignment with the strategic directions of AHS, in that we are bringing health care education to the communities that serve their local populations, striving for a safer and more efficient care system, and increasingly showing that we are working towards better health outcomes.

This will continue to be our program direction in the future. Similarly, our objective of delivering simulation-based education to all individuals and interprofessional teams across the ACH and our new focus on expanding this education to families aligns our work with the ACH vision of providing excellence in family-centered care.

Our program has demonstrated a commitment to providing accessible, comprehensive, integrated and coordinated health education delivery across ACH, which mirrors the ACH mission of advocating for and providing leadership in these same areas.

To see a full list of our current programs please download the KIdSIM Annual Report.