[Mobile Education]

Mobile Education is an interprofessional program designed to deliver in-situ pediatric education to our Rural and Community partners. We foster supported learning environments where team members can work through common pediatric scenarios and have the opportunity to respond in real time to pediatric medical emergencies in a controlled and safe environment. Participants talk with their patient, gather information, work as a team, perform physical examinations and procedures and work on team communication.

A great benefit to having scenarios in your own working environment is being able to find your own equipment, medications, and pediatric references, in order to identify potential problems and challenges prior to having an actual patient. An adjunct to our Simulation Education is a hands-on workshop. Our program is committed to supporting our rural partners and helping to identify and correct any obstacles to our pediatric population being able to receive the best possible care.Telemedine uses telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance. This approach to communication overcomes such barriers as access to medical services hence improves patient care.

- “We appreciate the time you have taken to identify such knowledge gaps as securing and removing the tube and teaching to the pediatric nuances that are often forgotten” - Rural Educator
- “Post 4 hour session I now feel confident in my skill to insert a supraglottic airway device, if required” - Rural Learner

Cancellation Policy
Please be advised that we have instituted a 72 hour cancellation policy. A lot is involved in staffing our mobile education trips and last minute cancellations require us to still pay our staff. As such, we now require 72 hours notice prior to your scheduled mobile education session should you need to cancel. This cancellation policy is in effect immediately. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.