outreachOutreach is an interdisciplinary program designed to deliver in-situ pediatric specific education to our Rural and Community partners.  We foster supported learning environments where team members can work through common pediatric scenarios and have the opportunity to respond in real time to pediatric medical emergencies in a controlled and safe environment. Participants talk with their 'patient,' gather information, work as a team, perform physical examinations and procedures and work on team communication.  

A great benefit to having scenarios in your own working environment is being able to find your own equipment, medications, and pediatric references, in order to identify potential problems and challenges, in education,  process and or  equipment prior to having an actual patient.  An adjunct to our Simulation Education,  is a hands on workshop. Typically we cover topics such as how to optimize a pediatric airway, RSI medications, tips and tricks for vascular access, and IO insertion and use. Participants get to practice intubation, inserting IO’s and drawing up and mixing pediatric doses of medications. 

Our program is committed to supporting our rural partners and helping to identify and correct any obstacles to our pediatric population being able to receive the best possible care.