[Faculty Development]

The extensive program growth of the KidSIM program created the need to recruit trained facilitators in the science and art of simulation education.  With the significant expense of sending facilitators to other centres to take established courses, the WISE (Workshop In Simulation Education) Course was developed as a local solution to amplify facilitator training and mentoring.  The KidSIM Program was intimately involved in the creation and dissemination of this course.  This interest in developing and mentoring facilitators helped launch one of the on-going pillars of the KidSIM Education Program: faculty development.  Since the development and dissemination of WISE, KidSIM has starting developing advanced level facilitator training courses and are currently developing a maintenance of simulation teaching competency program.  The WISE courses have been restructured into ASSET.

The other aspect of faculty development that has been created by the KidSIM Program is an elective rotation in simulation education that was developed for pediatric residents and pediatric emergency medicine fellows.  This dedicated and immersive rotation acts as an introduction to simulation-based education and debriefing as well as an intimate mentoring and coaching over a short period of dedicated time. 

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