[Elective Rotation in Simulation Education]

electiveThe KidSIM program developed an elective rotation for residents and fellows with an interest in developing skills and experience in simulation-based education. All residents get to take WISE 1 training as part of their experience.  The rotation itself has four major components:

  1. Simulation Program Operations: Residents will demonstrate and understanding of the basic planning, organization and operation of a simulation centre. Residents will also understand the value of experiential learning in adult education and how simulation is an ideal tool for that type of learning. Residents will also demonstrate an understanding of the different types of simulation equipment available.
  2. Scenario Development: Residents will demonstrate an understanding of the aspects and development of an objective-based scenario, including relevant roles, props and audiovisual aides.
  3. Simulator Technical Skills: Residents will demonstrate the basic use of the simulation equipment and software being used in the KidSIM Program. Residents will also demonstrate how to facilitate a scenario for learners.
  4. Debriefing Skills: Residents will demonstrate how to run an effective debriefing session following a simulation scenario.  Most of the time in the rotation will be spent practicing and consolidating these skills. Residents are encouraged to get involved in as many sessions as possible, and to take advantage of this practice in the presence of an experienced facilitator.