[ASSET Peer Coaching]

Course Description
ASSET Peer Coaching is a one-day course for intermediate simulation instructors who have experience running simulations with another colleague. Participants will explore how to provide effective feedback to peers and colleagues in a way that is non-threatening and how to seek constructive feedback from colleagues to identify learning gaps in their own practice. By the end of the course the participants will learn techniques to define and describe the benefits of peer coaching; highlight strategies for creating a culture for peer coaching; describe elements of pre-briefing, scenario execution and debriefing performance that can be explored when coaching peers; and apply tools designed to help with peer coaching.

Target Audience
Simulation facilitators who have had some experience with facilitating simulation-based sessions (approximately 12-24 months after ASSET Foundations) and who are interested in widening the arsenal of simulation education techniques available to them.

ASSET Foundations or WISE.

Contact info@kidsim.ca for upcoming course dates.