[ASSET Co-Debriefing]

Course Description
The course introduces attendees to the challenges with co-debriefing for simulation-based education. Debriefing with more than one facilitator (co-debriefing) can be either an effective or counter-productive strategy for debriefing. Effective co-debriefing is highly dependent upon a shared strategy for debriefing between co-facilitators. This workshop presents several different strategies for co-debriefing, and offers attendees the opportunity to practice each of these to determine which is the best fit for their simulation programs.

1) Describe the common challenges associated with co-debriefing
2) Identify and apply several different frameworks which can be applied to help co-facilitators effectively debrief
3) Identify and apply different proactive and reactive strategies for co-debriefing which can be applied to help co-facilitators effectively debrief

Target Audience
Simulation facilitators who have had some experience with co-facilitating simulation-based sessions (approximately 12-24 months after ASSET Foundations for those who teach regularly) and who are interested in widening the arsenal of simulation education techniques available to them.

ASSET Foundations or WISE.

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