[ASSET Advanced]

ASSET Advanced Course Description
ASSET Advanced is a one-day course for intermediate simulation instructors (ideally with at least 12 months of regular simulation and debriefing experience) designed to provide advanced debriefing skills and techniques.  Participants will be introduced to common debriefing challenges and pitfalls, including some important ways to avoid them.  Participants will also be introduced to an advanced toolbox of debriefing skills designed to help overcome difficult debriefing situations.  Videos of simulation scenarios will be used as the basis for discussion, debriefing practice and feedback. For more information and upcoming courses, please visit the ASSET Advanced section.

1) Participants will reflect on their own debriefing experiences and challenges.
2) Participants will be re-introduced to the importance of well-structured and complete prebriefings and debriefings to avoid common debriefing pitfalls.
3) Participants will be introduced to a ‘toolbox’ of techniques to address challenging debriefing situations and get hands-on guided experience with use of these tools in debriefing situations.

Target Audience
Simulation facilitators who have had some experience with facilitating simulation-based sessions (approximately 12-24 months after ASSET Foundations) and who are interested in widening the arsenal of simulation education techniques available to them.

ASSET Foundations or WISE.

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