[About Us]

The KidSIM Pediatric Simulation Program has been training health care professionals both as individuals and as part of interprofessional teams since October of 2005. Since that time, the KidSIM Program has become a world-class program, known for delivering top-notch educational programs and conducting cutting-edge research.

The KidSIM program works to provide learners surrogate clinical experiences with pediatric patients in as close to a ‘real-life’ situation as possible through the use of high-fidelity mannequins as well as teaching space that mimics the clinical setting. In doing so, learners experience the pressure and stressors of the real situation, as they work as individuals and in teams, in order to learn more about the assessment and management of these cases. This realism is further enhanced by moulage of the patients, providing the real results of tests, and adding personnel to the case to act in various roles (parent, consultant, etc).

The goal of KidSIM is to deliver pediatric medical simulation training that will enable the ongoing professional development of providers in the pediatric health care community, including the Calgary area and rural and regional centres in Southern and Central Alberta, Southwestern Saskatchewan and Southeastern British Columbia. The value of simulation-based education has been proven in various single and multi-center research projects over the past 10 years. Based on this evidence, KidSIM focuses on implementing established and accepted simulation training practices and programs that have proven benefit for the acquisition and retention of skills, improving adherence to clinical guidelines and improving teamwork skills.

The KidSIM Program will honor our vision, mission & values by:
- Using medical simulation technology to enhance and assist with the ongoing professional development of front-line providers in our health care communities.
- Improving efficiency, availability and integration of simulation technology and scenarios into the educational programs of all pediatric stakeholders.
- Using medical simulation technologies to provide pediatric-focused acute care education and training to clinical areas within the ACH, as well as facilities that perform pediatric care in the Calgary Health Region, and rural and regional centres in Southern Alberta, Central Alberta and Southeastern British Columbia.
- Recruitment and facilitation of the training and development of future simulation educators providing a respectful, supportive and non-threatening learning environment for learners.
- Creating an environment for improved patient safety and quality of care through uncovering and addressing patient safety threats.